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The desire of all bettors is to win as much money as possible, and the only way to achieve this is to bet on the best odds. However, unearthing the best odds is not something simple. On the contrary! It can be a task that requires long hours of research, especially when you want to bet on many matches. This is where an odds comparator comes into its own.

What is an odds checker?

The role of an odds checker is to identify, on a sporting event, the best odds among those offered by several bookmakers and submit them to punters. For example, for a match between Arsenal and Chelsea, an odds comparator could offer odds from Netbet for a Chelsea win, odds from Vbet for a Chelsea win, and odds for a Chelsea win. Vbet odds for the draw and a Unibet odds for the Arsenal win, each of which are obviously the best odds on the market for these three types of bets. The odds comparator saves you the trouble of searching the entire sports betting world to compare what the bookmakers are offering. It is important to note that an excellent odds comparator will only consider the odds of the most reliable and secure bookmakers.

What are the advantages of comparing odds ?

As we have just explained, making a comparison between the odds of different bookmakers offers the possibility to optimize one's bets. An example of calculation will be more telling to illustrate this.

Let's consider the English league match Liverpool vs Crystal Palace and assume that the bet to place is £100 on odds of 1.30 at Unibet and 1.25 at Vbet for Liverpool to win. If you decide to bet on the Unibet odds you can expect to win £130 and on Vbet the same bet will give you a potential win of £125. Subtracting the stake placed from the amount of money won, you get a profit of €30 at Unibet and €25 at Vbet. Of course, in both cases you are profitable, but the bet placed at Unibet is more interesting as it yields an additional £5 win .

This example highlights the undeniable importance of an odds checker. Without one, players are letting a lot of money slip through their fingers when you consider the vast amount of sports matches that are played each season.

An odds comparator is also of great help because it allows you to quickly identify value bet and take advantage of it as soon as possible. Furthermore, an odds comparator facilitates the use of the SureBet. With this betting technique, you can bet on all possible outcomes of a match without losing money, regardless of the outcome.

Why should you use our odds comparator?

Thanks to our odds comparator, you will be able to identify the highest odds on the market at a glance. Indeed, we use a technology that analyses the live odds and highlights in a comparison table those that are the highest. Our odds comparator applies to a vast catalogue of sporting events and takes into account a wide selection of sports ranging from football to eSports, tennis, basketball, hockey, handball, rugby and many other disciplines.

A comparison of odds on the most prestigious sports competitions such as Champions League, Europa League, Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, NHL, NBA, Tennis Grand Slams (Australian Open, Roland Garros, US Open and Wimbledon), Rugby Top 14, Six Nations Tournament, etc. will always be offered on our site. Therefore, for each day of championship and competition – in other words, every day of each week – you will be able to know the best odds offered on the market.

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